A Muslim youth vision, focus and plan to contribution to mankind's march into the future. A unifying Islamic States Joint AdVenture
Today: 19 Safar 1443
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Q: What is SSFajr?
A: The genesis of SSFajr is a Muslim Youth unifying enterprise vision in preparation for the needs of tomorrow's world.
Q: What is the Goal?
A: A grass roots movement to motivate Nations and Individuals to join hands and establish Muslim presence in the great adventure of space exploration
Q: What is the primary focus?
A: Peace, Unity, Youth, Healing, and a 2nd Golden Age
Q: How can I Participate?
A: By contributing ideas, resources, critiques, bridge building diplomacy and encouraging others.
Q: How will ssFajr be financed?
A: By Donation and related enterprise
Q: How will this project be managed
A: Initially by the Board of Directors of ssFajr and ultimately by qualified representatives of the participating institutions and National Agencies.
Q: What about non-Muslim Participation?
A: All well wishers and honest contributions are welcome, regardless of religion. This a Muslim endeavour designed for Mankind.
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