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Golden Age II : Muslims Excelling in Science & Technology
camp Space Camp Program Welcomes Moroccan Students New York - Five of the best Moroccan students are taking part in the Space Camp Program in Huntsville, Alabama, organized by the US Embassy in Rabat.
arspace In 2014, the United Arab Emirates’ leadership announced the creation of a UAE space agency and an unmanned mission to Mars by 2021, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the country. It was the first move by an Arab state, to send a spacecraft to a planet, the moon, or any celestial object. For the past several decades, Arab space programs had been limited to satellites, most often just operated from the ground, but sometimes participating in launching and placing them in orbit.
Islam & Science
Saudi team develops payload for use in joint lunar exploration with Chinese Space Agency
The UAE Space Agency and Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (YahSat) announced their participation in the fifth edition of the Bahrain International ..
Ukraine, Saudi Arabia to explore outer space together
The UAE Space Agency in Abu Dhabi received a delegation from its Bahraini counterpart.
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