A Muslim youth vision, focus and plan to contribution to mankind's march into the future. A unifying Islamic States Joint AdVenture
Today: 20 Zhul-Hijja 1441
DivisionNameGenderCountry Specific Interest Education levelYou Suggest Image Video
EarthBaseyahSeen female United States ArchetectureAssociate Degree Inshallah, the time is right.
Sixteen members of OIC already have
Space Exploration programs.
Image or Video
CampusyahSeen female Saudi Arabia DiplomaticMasters This project is welcome and needed
and we hope it becomes the seed of
a second Golden Age
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CampusyahSeen male Malaysia PoliticalMasters The reasons SSFajr is more than a
dream. 1-The Organization of
islamic cooperation 2- OIC States
existing space programs 3- Wealthy
State leadership (Saudi Space
Image or Video
EarthBaseAMY female United States ManagementBachelors The UAE and Saudi already have
plans for the Moon and Mars. This
is motivating for the feasability
of a Space Station.
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CampusyahSeen female Saudi Arabia TecnologyBachelors Alhumdulillah Saudi and UAE are
leading the way
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CampusyahSeen female United Kingdom ManagementBachelors This project goes a long way to
overcoming all the negative Muslim
chatter and it is a great
contribution to Human development
and World Peace
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EarthBasewhuttzup male Turkey ArchetectureMasters Leadership in Space, a Noble Goal
and Practical Pursuit
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CampusAysha female Canada ManagementBachelors This project is extreamly positive
on many levels
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